Here is what our clients have asked us over years and you may also have similar queries


1. Why do I need an Interior Designer?

You need to involve an Interior Designer to add professional design sense to your space. Interior Designers have a better exposure to create and implement designs and are well equipped with latest design trends, technology and project management skill sets required to design a property. A professional designer would also save you from costly experiments thus saving both time and money.


2. Why should I pay for an Interior Designer when free design service is available with furniture retailers or few of the civil contractors.

This is one side of the coin because the orientation of the furniture retailers is to sell their products or services and thus designs are created by keeping only those products in mind where you end up compromising on design possibilities with limited material and color choices. Also their unit cost of products or civil work is usually higher than what we offer because design cost is included indirectly in the product cost – eventually you end up paying higher most of the times.


3. When should I involve Interior Designer?

Though a good interior designer should be able to support during any stage of your project, we recommend to consult Interior Designer during initial stages of the project i.e. during initial construction stage or handover of the keys (if you are not the first owner). Earlier you involve the Interior Designer, more design possibilities could be explored with minimal or no alterations required at site at later stages thus saving a lot of money.


4. What should I be prepared with for preliminary meeting/call with the Interior Designer.

We always suggest to do a bit of homework before your first call/meeting to make sure you are able to convey your requirements, ideas and budget in first meeting itself thus saving your time and energy. You may add this to your list :

  1. Shortlisted images of few design spaces you like
  2. Ponder upon colors and design styles
  3. Think about your lifestyle/professional needs based on who is going to occupy the space
  4. Project time frame you have in mind
  5. Budget and specific material or product requirements


5. Should I involve an Architect or an Interior Designer for my renovation project?

Good professional Interior Designer is technically qualified to manage all the exterior and interior work involved in renovation i.e. lighting, material and color finishes, wall and floor treatments, furniture and kitchen designs, electricals, smart and intelligent home concepts etc. You would need to involve an architect when you need to add square footage in your existing space.


6. I don’t have lot of time to spend with an Interior Designer but I still want one to help me with my home/office design. How should I go about it?

Professional designers would always respect your time and expect the same in return. Especially in turnkey projects, you hardly have to spend anytime during project implementation stage to complete your project. Designer handles almost everything including shopping, ordering and delivery of finished products along with designing, coordinating work with contractor’s team, supervision, execution etc. You need to make sure that you reply to all the communications on time to enable timely delivery of the project even if your availability in minimal.


7. What is PurplemindZ’ design style?

We don’t follow a single type of design style. We work as per the taste and requirements of our clients as per their vision of the newly designed space irrespective of their existing background and lifestyle. We have designed spaces with palatial outlook to small and minimalist yet elegant living and working spaces. We try to balance both functional and aesthetic components of design keeping in mind your design preference and taste.


8. What other services besides interior/exterior design does PurplemindZ offer?

We offer complete Vastu and Astrology services for residential and commercials spaces if clients express their requirements. For further details on Vastu/Astrology consultancy methodology and related commercials, feel free to write at .


9. Do you accept clients outside Gurgaon/Delhi (NCR)/India?

We have done projects in Gurgaon/Delhi(NCR) as well as other cities in India. Moreover, we have done few end to end interior design projects outside India as well. We also have an option of Online Design Consultancy (Buy Designs Online) which is actively being opted by lot of domestic as well as International clients because of ease of communication as well as quick revert on design needs.


10. Can we freeze interior design cost before beginning of the project?

In most of the cases yes, but in few cases depending on the design changes and complexity of the same design, cost may increase or decrease.


11. How much would my project cost increase by hiring an Interior Designer?

It is one of the biggest myths that has been in the mindset of many people. Fact is that hiring an Interior Designer always helps you get the best interior design solution at the best price. Hiring an Interior Designer brings lot of advantages including huge saving from wastage of time, money and energy. The designer’s knowledge, expertise, and guidance can help prevent costly mistakes.The overall cost benefit analysis always tends to favor the Interior Designer Vs rest of the apparent options.


12. Do you take international projects?

We work with clients from many countries and mostly for Interior Design consultancy projects where implementation of project is managed by local teams and we also support the same team if required.


13. In the case of turnkey projects, what is your source of furniture, fabric etc.

We purchase products from a variety of sources – distributors and wholesalers, local stores, trade showrooms, retail locations, as well as online and catalogue retailers. If our clients have sources that they prefer to work with, we are more than happy to do so.


14. Can I use my own civil contractor/Carpenter etc.

Yes, we will work with your contractor and tradespeople and guide them till the project gets completed. In case you need help from our end, we are more than happy to refer you to those who can help. In such cases, all commercial transactions would be directly between you and your contractor.


15. Do I have to necessarily purchase everything through you?

No. You can make purchases on your own. Most clients do purchase through us, because of the discounts we pass along as well as quality check that can be done based on our experience.


16. Can I see few of your projects before signing contract with you?

The Portfolio page on this site has a sampling of our design work for both residential and commercial spaces. Feel free to contact us at +91 9717533233 | to see more images of other projects or to see the site in person, we will arrange a site visit for you.

Do follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep yourselves updated on design tips and our new design projects.


17. How should I plan my interior design budget?

Let the designer know what you can afford in short to medium term (2 to 12 months) and we will help you achieve what you want within your budget. We assure you a beautiful looking functional space within your budget.


18. I would like to get my design ideas implemented and not what Interior designer would suggest? I don’t want designs to be imposed on me.

An Interior Designer would work together with you to create a unique design solution as per your taste, lifestyle and requirements. The designer would help you develop your vision while analyzing the design requirements, and in the end, creating a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Together with PurplemindZ Design Studio, you can create the dream space you have always desired for.


19. Why should I buy designs online from you instead of hiring local local designer or contractor?

Buying designs online is an option for those who can’t meet us face to face and would want our knowledge and expertise for their dream spaces. Online  design consultancy option provides you a complete solution to your design needs from the comfort of your home at a very reasonable price structure.

This service also helps those who have budget constraint due to which they are not able to hire local designers and find them expensive as compared to our e-consultancy price model. Lot of Architects also buy our designs to be implemented in their projects across many countries.


20. Do you provide 3D images before I enter into the contract?

We believe in working on a design concept first before converting it into a 3D image and this happens after we get into the contract. In case you want to have the 3Ds first, we can provide them to you before we enter into the contract on a chargeable basis. Click here to know the charges.


21. What is your pricing model and how does discounting work?

There are multiple engagement options, though the following two models are most preferred by our clients:

  • Design Consultancy: We provide you with designs and you get them implemented from your civil team. We guide and supervise the project implementation but do not own the implementation of the designs.
  • Turnkey: We provide you with designs and get them implemented. We freeze on approx total budget and deliverables within that budget before project gets started. We are responsible for both implementation of design as well as quality of the material used.


Discounting: We choose to save our clients’ time by not getting into such discussions as we do not have discounting policy. We prefer to be flexible in adding more value to design services at a pre-committed design fee rather than asking for more fee even if there is a slight increment in the design requirement during implementation stage. We have won many hearts with our beautiful designs and look forward to have you in the same list. Do write to us at for a quick reply/callback or call directly at +91 9717533233 or +91 9717533244

In case we have missed your question, do write to us at

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